A quick introduction to the iXDemocracy concept:
iXDemocracy aims to create true democracy by putting the electorate in complete control of the political system by using online voting.
First the definition of democracy :-
“Democracy is a form of government in which all citizens together determine public policy, the laws and the actions of their state”.
Have you had any input into the decisions that have affected your lives?
The truth is we do not have democracy, what we have is every 5 years we have an election to choose which political party will rule over us.
Once that election is over the winning political party will do whatever serves them best and will ignore the wishes of the electorate.
Creating real democracy with iXDemocracy is simple!
First of all it is most probably best to explain that two types of iXDemocracy website exist:-
1. National iXDemocracy sites that serve as news hubs and have a forum to debate national issues. This site is the UK national iXDemocracy site.
2. Local iXDemocracy sites are the local community sites that you use for online voting and also serve as local news hubs and have a forum to debate local issues.
iXDemocracy will create local iXDemocracy websites as demand requires.
You then use your local iXDemocracy website to create true democracy by following these simple steps :-
1. Choose your community's iXDemocracy general election candidate using online voting. ( Anyone from your community can register to be a candidate ).
2. Vote your community's candidate in at the next general election so you have an iXDemocracy MP that your community controls with online voting.
3. As political issues arise an online poll will be created at the request of members of the community. ( Issues can be debated on the community forum ).
4. Your community then votes on that issue using online voting.
5. Your community's MP must then vote in Parliament the same way as the result of the online poll. Note iXDemocracy MP’s will be legally bound to vote in exactly the same way as their community has directed them to vote.
True democracy is created! Common sense and compassion will be applied to every single decision this country makes!
For more information regarding the finer details follow the green links below or via the links under the 'info' menu:-
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