Bloggers and writers...We need you!

Bloggers and writers...We need you!
Calling bloggers and writers that have something to say! We need you to fill this part of the site.
I have created the first few articles to launch the site and as some will have noticed I am not the worlds greatest writer. I am going to be busy on the tech side of things so I will only have a certain amount of time to create articles.
The aim of this site is not just to create the iXDemocracy political platform to create true democracy but also to allow the public to air their views and also create their own factual unbiased and unfiltered news.
As articles, news and opinions are posted on the main site or the forum there will always be an opportunity for anyone to offer a factual counter argument using the forum.
The goal is to get to the truth of any matter and create news with information people can analyse for themselves and therefore rely on when forming an opinion.
We would be very happy to receive articles from anyone who wants to publicize a story or point of view.
To have your story, article or blog piece posted on this site please email it to or create a topic and post it on the forum.
Hopefully this will on the odd occasion create some interesting situations.
The most important situation that comes to mind is when “we” are considering waging war against the new “enemy”.
The new “enemy” will be more that welcome to contact iXDemocracy with their side of the story and have their article put on the iXDemocracy site or they can post it on the forum.
Their opinions and version of events that led to the current situation can in turn be investigated by anyone and everyone for factual accuracy. Note that it would be tactically disastrous for any country to try and defend itself with lies than can be proved so this could lead to some very important information being made available to the public that would ultimately have the effect of making it impossible for governments to go to war in “our” name.
The current set of “Media” giants are inconsistent in their neutrality and have too often used their platform to promote their views.
Basically we the public can create our own unbiased unfiltered factual news media to create accurate and valid opinions that will hopefully drive society forward to a place we all want to be.