Q. Is iXDemocracy a political party?

A. iXDemocracy is registered as a political party in the UK. If needed similar political structures will be set up in other countries.


Q. Is iXDemocracy a for profit organisation?

A. iXDemocracy will always be run as a non-profit. Any deviation from this will never be allowed to happen under any circumstances.


Q. Convincing the government to implement this would be a challenge. How would you get them to do this?

A. The government have no choice in it. Communities will choose if they want it or not. iXDemocracy will create and host the websites for free. The government will not want it as they will lose control of decisions and control will be pass to the people.


Q. Won't this just put the ill informed in power with disastrous consequences?

A. I would argue this is what we have now! Look what the so called "informed" have done - sell our gold at multi year lows, the Iraq war, the Afghanistan war which is one that cannot be won, the recent NHS cock-up, Poll Tax, creating and watching the biggest financial fiasco ever unfold in front of them and doing nothing to stop it, destroying our manufacturing base and not replacing it with a hi tech one, kids today having some of the lowest maths scores in Europe etc... etc... The fact is, if the people in charge WERE "informed" or not crooks then none of the above would have happened but the fact is all the above did happen. Note that direct democracy already exists to a degree in Switzerland....are they in a better or worse position than the UK?


Q. I've thought for sometime now that at the very least any "major" decision should be put to the vote. Will it ever happen though?

A. It will only happen if people make it happen. We have a choice.... stick with the current useless system or try and change it for the better.


Q. Why will the public policies that iXDemocracy create be any better than the current ones?

A. Current public policy is nearly always damaging because is extremely weighted to favour the paymasters of the incumbent party. iXDemocracy will attract people from all political backgrounds so the issues that shape public policy will be factually discussed and intelligent balanced solutions will be implemented.


Q. With voter turn out approx 60% for general elections why do you think people can be bothered to vote to change the system?

A. Voter apathy exists because a lot of people realize it does not matter who you vote for as it will not make a difference. Some do not vote because none of the parties represent their views. Others do not vote because they know their choice of party will not win. All these people would have a reason to vote as they would for the first time actually have input into policies. Voter apathy will dwindle when people realize that their vote can actually have value.


Q. I vote but I don't particularly like any of the political party's. What can iXDemocracy do for me?

A. A lot of people that vote do it with little enthusiasm as they are begrudgingly voting for a party not because they actually agree with or like that particular party but because they really do not like one of the others:- Lab - Iraq war and cannot be trusted with money or the economy. Con - No compassion, look after themselves and the rich. Lib - Are now another variation of the conservatives. Green - Will never be trusted with money or the economy. The elections always arrive and we perpetually swing from one compromised choice of political party to another, changing direction only when we forget how bad the other side were the last time they were elected. This will be repeated ad infinitum unless we change it. As iXDemocracy forces each community to create its own independent manifesto and make its own decisions each community is effectively creating their own independent political party tailored to their own needs under the iXDemocracy banner. So iXDemocracy can create an independent democratic political entity exactly how your community would like it to be. Remember all local sites are 100% independent and free of interference from the iXDemocracy hierarchy as there is no iXDemocracy heirarchy and the leader has no power.


Q. How would you implement a solution that allows people to vote online on every single issue?

A. People do not need to vote on every single issue. Ideally, lists of any forthcoming decisions or issues can be fed to the local iXDemocracy site from the local and national government sites, then people will choose which are important enough.


Q. Opinion polls show that some voters want the return of the death penalty. Is that really what we want?

A. Why is it MORE likely that the "people" would vote to bring back the death penalty than the MPs? The death penalty was expanded and kept in place by the political elite and finally removed by popular demand after a couple of high profile cases that showed that the condemned were actually most probably innocent. If real democracy somehow reinstated the death penalty, how many lives would actually be lost compared to how many lives would be saved from not having wars? Note that over 100,000 were killed in the Iraq war alone and how many in Afghanistan? What it really comes down to is, are you prepared to embrace direct democracy and save hundreds of thousands of innocent lives by preventing the next war from happening or are you refusing to save those 100,000 lives based on the small risk that the death penalty might be reinstated and the lives of a handful of heinous criminals are lost? (For the record the writer of this answer would not bring back the death penalty)


Q. Opinion polls show that some voters want our withdrawal from the EU. Is that really what we want?

A. Some people want out because they are frustrated by the way decisions are undemocratically inflicted upon us. The EU is not run democratically – have you ever had a say in any EU policy lately? Conceptually there are some good arguments for the EU but in reality at the moment it is just another layer of useless politicians riding a gravy train and it will never reach it's useful potential until it is part of a truly democratic system. The EU needs to change, the question is do we stay in it and try to influence it for the better or give up and walk away potentially re-entering when it suits us? So why not inform the people and let them decide on the various options that are available. My guess is that if we make inroads to changing the political process in the EU the vast majority would be prepared to stay as the downside would be removed and the upside could be maintained and even improved.


Q. Would "direct rule" mean a preservation of the status quo rather than a progressive tolerant agenda?

A. No, lack of progression in tolerance and compassion is based on ignorance. True democracy would force all people to sit at the same table and discuss the issues that divide them - they would actually meet the "enemy" and would begin to understand each others perspectives. It would force barriers to be broken down across the different groups of society and make people realize that they were acting with prejudice.


Q. How could the results of an online poll be trusted?

A. Local administrators will not have access to change votes. Only the voter can change their vote up to a point when the poll closes. Everyone will have a unique voter ID number that does not identify them to others. When a poll has finished the result will be posted with a link to a page with all the voter ID numbers and how they voted. You can go to that page and make sure your voter ID has the correct vote. You could also ask your friends to check to see if their votes are correct. To aid any doubts over the vote count the vote could also be available as a csv file download so you could easily check the numbers yourself with spreadsheet software e.g. the free and open source openoffice.


Q. What do you stand for? Are you left-wing? Centrist populist party? The dark side of the force?

A. iXDemocracy stands for creating democracy. It is neither left or right or anywhere inbetween and has no leader. All communities create there own agenda therefore any local iXDemocracy community could end up promoting any part of the political spectrum. i.e. the iXDemocracy Mayfair community is free to have whatever opinion it wants to and I guess it would be very different to one in the East End. Point is it is flexible and each iXDemocracy community caters for people of all political backgrounds and would bring everyone to the table for the first time to work together to get to the most logical solutions rather that the current system of letting either Con/Lab inflict there one dimensional approach onto us all.


Q. From what I gather, the way your party / system is set out to work would create rather more confusion and stalemates than to get it on track and to work?

A.. As it stands whichever party gets in does what it wants without any input on alternative ideas. Lab could learn something about business from Con and Con could learn something about compassison from Lab. The iXDemocracy system would force all types to get round the table to at least investigate the alternatives i.e. all reasonable people from across the political spectrum could work together and would come up with a better solution than if they did it by themselves. People would debate the issues and then a poll would be created. People would vote, the result comes in and job done!


Q. What you´re suggesting is to shift the political power to the community so the elected MP are never free again to decide on their own, they´re like servants or clerks to fulfill things dictated to them by those participating in your elections system. I wonder who would stand for such a job?

A. MP's currently have very little free choice as they are whipped on any issue of importance. If they dont vote the way of the party then if at all possible they are thrown out of the party or marginalized. They will not  vocalize an opinion that lies outside the party's manifesto or the party's paymasters desires as it is career suicide. iXDemocracy MP's would have a more stimulating and rewarding job. They would be debating and creating issues on behalf of their communities and would actually be serving the people rather than a political party. There would also be a lot of independent fact finding, scrutinizing and reporting back to the community. An iXDemocracy MP woud be free to voice their opinion which is something that rarely happens at the moment. Basically swap reporting to a political party for reporting to your community and add integrity, justice and having the freedom to put forward your own opinion's for consideration.


Q. Would true democracy result in anarchy? Would people vote for everything they like regardless of the costs and any budget's which would result in all the communities going bankrupt?

A. Anarchy would only reign in communities with a majority of "Homer Simpson's", if they want to blow their budget on donuts then that is up to them. When that community runs out of money to pay the bin men they will quickly learn to adopt financial restraint. Communities will quickly become involved and then more educated in the running of government/society when they are actually involved in the decision making process.


Q. People that cannot afford a computer or the interenet or are computer illiterate could not easily participate so would such a system that relies on e-voting be unfair?

A. I think free or very cheap internet access should be made available to all. You dont need an expensive desktop anymore, many people now exclusively use phones or tablets for their internet access. Would some still be excluded? I suppose so but I would suggest you have to weigh that up against the number that are now excluding themselves because they feel their vote counts for nothing? I would suggest that engaging the approximately 40% and rising that do not vote due to apathy is a fair price to pay for the unfortunate exclusion of a few percent of the population.


Q. Would people ever bother actually reading any proposed legislation especially if they do not understand it fully, as MPs are paid to do, and then either fail to vote on it or rely on popular media to inform them,  effectlively allowing decisions to be made by the current "system" ?

A. One of the jobs of the iXDemocracy MP would be to read any legislation and provide it in an easily accessible format with their opinion on the matter to their community website so that the community can then debate the matter and then vote. Relying solely on media would be pointless and negate any independent analysis. If some people did not vote because they did not understand the issues or they do not care either way then it would leave the ones that do care and/or understand the issue to vote.


Q. Suppose we wish for peace and some other part of the world puts that wish in jeopardy?

A. Suppose all countries use the iXDemocracy system? There will be no wars as people of all countries want and wish for peace as a priority. Wars are always created by governments and their paymasters who are interested in influence and power regardless of how that is achieved or maintained. In the meantime before true democracy happens war should not be initiated until we get the facts straight and find out if our wish for peace is actually in jeopardy. If it is and ALL other options are exhausted then military action as the last resort may be required. Having said that I can imagine no situation in the modern world that cannot be resolved using dialogue.


Q. Voters might also make contradictory decisions leading to chaos as few will bother to join the dots linking the implications of one vote with another  e.g. voting to legalise the use of cannabis one week, and voting to impose draconian sentences for actually purchasing it another? Surely, we do need a body of people who will do the job of scrutinising legislation that we wouldn't bother doing before making an informed vote and to do this we need some form of government to weld policies into some sort of coherent whole?

A. iXDemocracy MP's would need to prepare and draft the issues along with input from the community to ensure there is continuity of thought surrounding the issue. A well laid out logical presentation of the issues would avoid this. As it stands the problem with governments welding policies into some sort of whole is that in reality that ends up with policies created to appease political party's and their paymasters rather than gathering the best ideas from all of the most informed. The governments of the past 50 years have failed to create or "weld" any policy that has been able to reverse the decline in this country's fortunes. They have botched the lot be that the destruction of our manufacturing base, the dumbing down of our education system, almost destroying the banking system, an unwieldy NHS that is creaking at the seams etc etc.