Labour, Welsh NHS and Ann Clwyd

  • Labour, Welsh NHS and Anne Clwyd

Labour insisted Ann Clwyd had no proof of NHS failings then when she steps forward to present it Labour prevented her from revealing it!
First this:- "Carwyn Jones criticises Ann Clwyd's attacks on Welsh NHS" including the quote "Ann Clwyd has produced no evidence and no facts "
then this:-  "Labour blocks Ann Clwyd assembly committee appearance"
I find it shameful that the Labour Party are more interested in protecting their party than acknowledging, investigating and resolving genuine complaints that would lead to solutions and improvements.
To disprove that the NHS service has any problems by blocking the proof from appearing is contemptible.
The Labour party will blindly protect the Welsh NHS and visa-versa and until that cosy relationship is broken we cannot expect any transparency regarding complaints at the NHS.
This illustrates how the existing parties serve their own interests first.
For the record iXDemocracy takes no pleasure in “bashing” the NHS and realizes the fantastic work of the vast majority of NHS workers. iXDemocracy seeks to create transparency, accountability and a meritocracy at the NHS.