NHS executives protect their salaries for 10 years

  • Labour fairer to all but fairer to NHS managers

This is quite old news but I felt I had to mention this.
You could not make this up:-
From http://www.walesonline.co.uk/news/wales-news/axed-nhs-executives-salary-protection-1900888 :-
"Senior NHS executives who failed to win top jobs in Wales’ new health boards will have their six-figure salaries protected for up to 10 years, it emerged today.
Under the organisational change policy, negotiated with trade unions, more than 120 former NHS directors and managers have been redeployed elsewhere in the health service and the Welsh Assembly Government.
And they will have their salaries – which could be as high as £195,000 a year – protected for years.
Those directors who have 15 years of service in the NHS will continue to be paid their old salary, plus benefits, for 10 years, according to information obtained by Plaid Cymru.
Seven NHS trusts and 22 local health boards were abolished in October 2009 and seven new integrated health boards created to provide community, hospital and mental health services across Wales.
As a result of this reorganisation – the biggest in a generation – the number of board-level posts fell from 180 to 78.
Salaries for these jobs in the 22 former local health boards ranged from £25,000 to more than £100,000 a year.
And in the former NHS trusts annual salaries ranged from £50,000 for the estates director at a smaller trust to £195,000 paid to the medical director at one of the larger trusts."
So let's approximate 100 surplus managers each with a salary of £50k, which makes the maths easy as I guess in reality there are slightly less surplus managers but with higher wages.
So approximately 100 ( managers ) x £50k x 10 ( years ) = £50m in total or £5m a year that could have been spent wisely has instead been gifted by the managers to the managers and the Welsh Assembly actually agreed to this.
What I find so irritating about the above is how people at the top seem to be able to do whatever they like with complete protection from a system that they maintain. £50m will not break the NHS budget in Wales but it all helps and there is a principle involved. Would these same managers offer the same terms to all their employees?