README - How to use this site

  • iXDemocracy logo and mission statement, create elect and control your politicians using online voting

First a few points to help you register and use the site.

There are two types of iXDemocracy website:

  1. A local community site where you register to do ALL your voting and also to post on that local site's forum.
  2. A national site such as this UK one. You only need to register on this site if you want to post on the UK forum. Note there is no voting on a national site. To register here click the 'UK Forum' link and then use the login link.

To put it simply, the UK national site and all the local sites are all independent and totally separate websites.

So you register at your local site to vote and use that local forum and then ONLY if you want to post on the UK forum do you need to register again at the UK national site.

It is really important that you register so that we can see how support is growing, so please register.


If your local site is not set up yet, register at the national site and post a local site request on the forum so you can meet people who you can run the site with. IXDemocracy will create and host that site. Your community will administer the site independently within the iXDemocracy rules that require the honest and decent conduct of all the individual administrators involved.


Here is a quick guide to how you can use your local iXDemocracy website to create true democracy:-

1. Choose your community's iXDemocracy candidate using online voting. ( Anyone from your community can register to be a candidate ).

2. Vote your community's candidate in at the next election.

3. As political issues arise an online poll will be created at the request of members of the community.  ( Issues can be debated on the forum ).

4. Your community then votes on that issue using online voting.

N.B. Let's be realistic, most of us are going to be too busy to vote on every issue that is raised and also, some people would like to sit back and let their elected official make most of the day to day decisions, so we have an optional automatic voting solution to keep everyone happy.

Here is how it works, you have 2 options:

( Note, 'automatic voting' will only vote for you if you have not taken part in the poll. )

1. After you register, your profile page will include an optional questionnaire to establish your political preferences. If you have completed the questionnaire you can select  'automatically vote using my preferences', which will use an algorithm to determine how you would have voted and then vote on your behalf.


2. Select  'automatically vote the same way as my elected official', which is self explanatory.

5. Your community's elected official must then represent your community as directed by the result of the online poll.

True democracy is created! Common sense and compassion will be applied to every single decision this country makes!