Blair quits Middle East envoy role Blair quits Middle East envoy role
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Palestinian man with child Gaza Conflict How an earth was Tony Blair appointed the Middle East Peace Envoy? Unsurprisingly in the absence of any catalyst for a solution the conflict has festered and escalated to its current tragic state.
Labour fairer to all but fairer to NHS managers NHS executives protect their salaries for 10 years Senior NHS executives who failed to win top jobs in Wales’ new health boards will have their six-figure salaries protected for up to 10 years, it emerged today.
Labour, Welsh NHS and Anne Clwyd Labour, Welsh NHS and Ann Clwyd Labour insisted Ann Clwyd had no proof of NHS failings then when she steps forward to present it Labour prevented her from revealing it!
cash Broker buy/sell recommendations A full analysis of all the skulduggery present in the financial market's would fill a book so I am just going to look at the creation of buy and sell recommendations issued by financial institutions often in conjunction with or by the popular media with nothing but nefarious intentions.
Royal mail pic Royal Mail Privatisation After the privatization of the Royal Mail I am left wondering if the sale was one of 1st class ineptitude or one giant organised theft of public assets or a bit of both.
Question Time logo Question Time – 14/9/13 Question Time – 14/9/13 I saw this a few weeks ago but I have not had the time to write this up.
Syria War Syria - world leaders ignore the need for peace This is a civil war where the winner takes all and the loser faces a bleak future or no future at all. It is a dog fight to the end with both sides fighting for their lives. This war is no different to any other war in that it degrades people’s humanity and atrocities are happening on both sides.
Blood UK blood company sold to US firm Private equity firm Bain Capital has bought a majority stake in the Government-owned blood products company Plasma Resources UK. Bain Capital is understood to be buying an 80% stake in the company, with the Government - which announced plans to sell it in January - keeping the rest.
Cigarette Lobbying I am not saying cigarettes need to have gory pictures on them but I do think that any reasonable person would agree that plain packaging was necessary to take away some of the glamour that the sleek colourful branding adds to deter youngsters from taking up smoking.
Windfarms I am pro wind farm but with a few conditions. The wind farms should not be inland if they destroy rural vistas but out of site in the middle of the sea. Also why did we not use exclusively use UK companies paying UK tax and creating UK jobs?